Sunday, 3 June 2018

First job!!

Yes indeed!  We have had the car for less than three months and we've just done our first wedding!
In fact, to date we've got half a dozen confirmed orders and another three expressions of interest.  So I'm well chuffed.  This Tesla wedding car idea seems to have struck a chord with folk.

Saturday was the first job.  What a privilege and a joy it was.  The day was fun.  The bride looked amazing.  The groom loved the car - well they both did.  It was simply a great day and the car looked fantastic.  See selected photos that I took below.

To top it all off, I got the following e-mail from the groom's father:

Dear Paul,
What can I say! You made the day more special. We would all like to say a big thank you for your professionalism and attention to detail. Tom and Louise certainly enjoyed the experience of the Tesla! It was the icing on the cake.

Please will you pass on our thanks to your wife who I am sure is a crucial part of the team.
We will definitely recommend you highly if asked about the Cotswold Tesla.
All the best.

How good is that?! :)

Sunday, 18 March 2018

It's here!!!

Three months down the line since ordering, production in California, a train trip across the States, a ship trip across the Atlantic, a reassembly in the Netherlands, registration in Birmingham and finally prep and delivery in Bristol, and our Model S has arrived!

And oh.... isn't she a stunner!

Incidentally, it was the wife who immediately decided it was a "she".  I must admit, the car is so beautiful that I think I probably have to agree!

Paul Tucker
CotswoldTesla - Owner/Driver

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Delivery preparation and our first order!

While deep in a consultation at Great Ormond Street Hospital, I had THE phone call.  The now familiar number of Tesla Bristol showed up on my phone.  We have a delivery date and it is fast approaching.

A lot to do before we get our hands on the silver wonder.  For a start we need to name the car!  (Yes, that's something you need to do with Teslas)  Suggestions please!

We need insurance - obviously - but using the car for wedding hire means we have to get a policy that will give us a replacement car at short notice of the type that we need - rather than something "random".  It would really spoil a bride and groom's day if they thought they'd be getting a Tesla and we turn up in a Fiesta (no offence to Fiesta owners).

Then there's paint protection.  Never thought of protecting paint on one of my cars before but if I want it to be looking awesome every time I drive a bride to her big day, I need to make sure the car is pristine.

Lots to do.

In the meantime, I now have my first official order for CotswoldTesla!! We've had quite a lot of interest already despite not yet having the car.  I've had plenty of email exchanges with folk who have said they want to have the MS for their wedding - so I've got unofficial orders.

I have spent the last month or so working up my paperwork so I can have formal quote and order paperwork.  I finished working them up last weekend, so I have been going through the process with one of my first expressions of interest and they have now formally placed the order and paid the deposit. Woohoo!!!

So finally CotswoldTesla is up and running.  Over the next week or two I will be going around the others who have confirmed they'd like to use us to get the paperwork in place.  You know who you guys are and I'm keen to give you the certainty.

Thanks so much one and all for your interest.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Ever closer

A quick update to the journey of the Tucker Tesla from Fremont to the Cotswolds:
The car is now in Europe at the Tesla factory in Tilburg, Netherlands - or possibly on the road between there and Bristol, which is where we will taking delivery.  We have a delivery date in early March.

If you wonder how we know where the car is, buying a Tesla is a bit like buying something off Amazon.  You go to the Tesla website, create a personal login, design your car, and then hit the 'Buy' button.  There is no other way.  Even in the showrooms, the sales staff just guide you through the design process.  No haggling.  No discounts.  The prices are as shown on the website and all you can do is hit that Buy button.

One you've hit the button, you then get a page dedicated to your car.  A status is shown which tells when the materials for your car are committed to the factory in Fremont, California - all the way through to being ready for collection at your chosen Tesla Service Centre.  My status currently shows it is has arrived at Tilburg and is about to be shipped to the UK.

Incidentally, the Tilburg factory is a reassembly plant.  The car is manufactured in Fremont, but then split into three bits for shipping.  Tilburg reconstruct the car and then do all the main quality checks.

On the business front, I already have a small portfolio of folk who have reserved the car for their wedding - and I don't even have the car yet.  I'm sure the car will live up to their expectations.  I do hope I do!  Once I have the car, I need to get a proper photoshoot done so that I can show the car off in all it's metallic awesomeness.

Paul Tucker
Owner - CotswoldTesla

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Tracking the Tesla

This was an exciting week to be a Tesla owner.  Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc. and Space X, launched the Falcon Heavy rocket into space.  On board was his own personal cherry red Tesla Roadster, which is now gliding through space complete with manikin spaceman driver!

While space watchers are tracking the Roadster and "Starman" across the solar system, I have been tracking a ship - a ship crossing the Atlantic with our Model S on it.  After getting the status update on the MyTesla account that the car had been made and was on a train from Fremont to Houston, three weeks passed before the next update, that our car had been loaded on a vessel and was on its way to Europe.  As of today, it is most of the way to the Netherlands where it will be rebuilt and re-tested.

I have found lots of others in the Tesla owner (or soon to be owner) community who are tracking their cars across the pond too.  So it's not just me that's super excited!

It's looking like the beginning of March will be the delivery date.

Friday, 22 December 2017

The Deed's Been Done!

Guess what we did last weekend?!  We had our 20th wedding anniversary and stayed the weekend at Ellenborough Park, near Cheltenham.  The lap of luxury!  That's what.

So what?  Why's that important?

It's important because we had an extended (24 hour) test drive of a Model S from Tesla.  Drove it from Bristol Cribbs Causeway.  Charged it overnight on the Tesla Destination Charger at Ellenborough Park.  Drove it back the following day. AND THEN....
We only went and put the deposit down on the custom build Model S!

So all systems go!! Delivery is due in March.

We went for a Metallic Silver.  That may come back to haunt us but we believe we've made the right choice.  A few folk including some in the wedding car industry had advised us to get a white car - the traditional wedding car colour.  However, I've sought the views of a lot of folk, ladies and gents, and the metallic silver appears to be the preference.  My wife thinks it would be better for wedding too - so it must be right - always listen to the wisdom of the wife!!  I guess time will tell.
Interior is cream.

So roll on March.  If you book with me from April, it will mean you'll get to ride in a brand new shiny and unsoiled Tesla!!!!

The Bright Idea

Back in September 2017, I had a hair-brained scheme to purchase a Tesla and use it to run a business chauffeuring people at weddings. To my surprise, my wife loved the idea. So for the last few months we have been looking at the whole idea, crunching some numbers, and gauging the level of interest.  We've set up a website and so far there has been a good level number of enquiries which have yielded some provisional bookings.

Things have been looking very positive and we are now at a place where, I think, we are going to go for it.

Other than a few minor domestic challenges to get out of the way first, we are now talking with Tesla about placing the order.

Watch this space!