Friday, 22 December 2017

The Deed's Been Done!

Guess what we did last weekend?!  We had our 20th wedding anniversary and stayed the weekend at Ellenborough Park, near Cheltenham.  The lap of luxury!  That's what.

So what?  Why's that important?

It's important because we had an extended (24 hour) test drive of a Model S from Tesla.  Drove it from Bristol Cribbs Causeway.  Charged it overnight on the Tesla Destination Charger at Ellenborough Park.  Drove it back the following day. AND THEN....
We only went and put the deposit down on the custom build Model S!

So all systems go!! Delivery is due in March.

We went for a Metallic Silver.  That may come back to haunt us but we believe we've made the right choice.  A few folk including some in the wedding car industry had advised us to get a white car - the traditional wedding car colour.  However, I've sought the views of a lot of folk, ladies and gents, and the metallic silver appears to be the preference.  My wife thinks it would be better for wedding too - so it must be right - always listen to the wisdom of the wife!!  I guess time will tell.
Interior is cream.

So roll on March.  If you book with me from April, it will mean you'll get to ride in a brand new shiny and unsoiled Tesla!!!!

The Bright Idea

Back in September 2017, I had a hair-brained scheme to purchase a Tesla and use it to run a business chauffeuring people at weddings. To my surprise, my wife loved the idea. So for the last few months we have been looking at the whole idea, crunching some numbers, and gauging the level of interest.  We've set up a website and so far there has been a good level number of enquiries which have yielded some provisional bookings.

Things have been looking very positive and we are now at a place where, I think, we are going to go for it.

Other than a few minor domestic challenges to get out of the way first, we are now talking with Tesla about placing the order.

Watch this space!