Sunday, 25 February 2018

Ever closer

A quick update to the journey of the Tucker Tesla from Fremont to the Cotswolds:
The car is now in Europe at the Tesla factory in Tilburg, Netherlands - or possibly on the road between there and Bristol, which is where we will taking delivery.  We have a delivery date in early March.

If you wonder how we know where the car is, buying a Tesla is a bit like buying something off Amazon.  You go to the Tesla website, create a personal login, design your car, and then hit the 'Buy' button.  There is no other way.  Even in the showrooms, the sales staff just guide you through the design process.  No haggling.  No discounts.  The prices are as shown on the website and all you can do is hit that Buy button.

One you've hit the button, you then get a page dedicated to your car.  A status is shown which tells when the materials for your car are committed to the factory in Fremont, California - all the way through to being ready for collection at your chosen Tesla Service Centre.  My status currently shows it is has arrived at Tilburg and is about to be shipped to the UK.

Incidentally, the Tilburg factory is a reassembly plant.  The car is manufactured in Fremont, but then split into three bits for shipping.  Tilburg reconstruct the car and then do all the main quality checks.

On the business front, I already have a small portfolio of folk who have reserved the car for their wedding - and I don't even have the car yet.  I'm sure the car will live up to their expectations.  I do hope I do!  Once I have the car, I need to get a proper photoshoot done so that I can show the car off in all it's metallic awesomeness.

Paul Tucker
Owner - CotswoldTesla

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