Sunday, 18 March 2018

It's here!!!

Three months down the line since ordering, production in California, a train trip across the States, a ship trip across the Atlantic, a reassembly in the Netherlands, registration in Birmingham and finally prep and delivery in Bristol, and our Model S has arrived!

And oh.... isn't she a stunner!

Incidentally, it was the wife who immediately decided it was a "she".  I must admit, the car is so beautiful that I think I probably have to agree!

Paul Tucker
CotswoldTesla - Owner/Driver

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Delivery preparation and our first order!

While deep in a consultation at Great Ormond Street Hospital, I had THE phone call.  The now familiar number of Tesla Bristol showed up on my phone.  We have a delivery date and it is fast approaching.

A lot to do before we get our hands on the silver wonder.  For a start we need to name the car!  (Yes, that's something you need to do with Teslas)  Suggestions please!

We need insurance - obviously - but using the car for wedding hire means we have to get a policy that will give us a replacement car at short notice of the type that we need - rather than something "random".  It would really spoil a bride and groom's day if they thought they'd be getting a Tesla and we turn up in a Fiesta (no offence to Fiesta owners).

Then there's paint protection.  Never thought of protecting paint on one of my cars before but if I want it to be looking awesome every time I drive a bride to her big day, I need to make sure the car is pristine.

Lots to do.

In the meantime, I now have my first official order for CotswoldTesla!! We've had quite a lot of interest already despite not yet having the car.  I've had plenty of email exchanges with folk who have said they want to have the MS for their wedding - so I've got unofficial orders.

I have spent the last month or so working up my paperwork so I can have formal quote and order paperwork.  I finished working them up last weekend, so I have been going through the process with one of my first expressions of interest and they have now formally placed the order and paid the deposit. Woohoo!!!

So finally CotswoldTesla is up and running.  Over the next week or two I will be going around the others who have confirmed they'd like to use us to get the paperwork in place.  You know who you guys are and I'm keen to give you the certainty.

Thanks so much one and all for your interest.